Never miss a new season of your favorite TV show again

Clapboard is an app that lets you keep track of upcoming TV Shows and movies. It's simple. Find a show you like and subscribe to it. Get a notification when a new episode comes out. It's 100% free to use. No cache.

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Get notified about
upcoming shows

With so much great new content coming out all the time, sometimes it gets hard to remember every show your following and then you miss a new season when it comes out. Don’t worry. Clapboard has your back. Find the shows you watch. Subscribe to them and Clapboard notifies you when new episodes come out.

What else can you do in Clapboard

Keep Track of what you want to watch and give out recommendations

Easily add TV Shows and movies to your interested list so you can come back to them later. Give recommendations for the shows you like.

See what your friends recommend

We think the best recommendations come from people who you know have a similar taste to you. Thats why you can follow your friends on Clapboard and see what shows they recommend.

Discover new shows

Clapboard has info on over half a million TV Shows and movies from all across the world. Everything from trailers to IMDB scores. The app also recommends you new stuff based on what you liked before.

Make and share personalized custom lists

Fancy yourself quite the movie expert? Good. Make a list of your top 10 superhero movies. Share it with your friends. See them enjoy your choices and feel like a superhero yourself.

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Connect with friends

Check out if they watched the hot new blockbuster and if they recommend it
Share your custom lists with them
Recommend the shows you watched & like

Discover new movies and shows

We built a sophisticated recommendations engine. Basically the more stuff you mark as watched and recommended on the app. The better it gets at figuring out what you might like and recommends new stuff according to that. To top it all off we built an easy to use interface for discovering shows you might like. It’s kind of like Tinder... But for movies and TV Shows!

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